We carry over 2 million tons of products
per year smoothly all over Turkey
Our Company Our Trust and Reliability
With our Logistics terminals established in
6 different regions, we manage shipments
smoothly from our warehouses and ports.

All Across Turkey
As long as we first see our trust principle
instilled and flourished, we know we exist.
Our Innovation
EkinAta logistics develops special
solutions for its customers by using
its experience in the best way.
Domestic Logistic Services
We carry different product
groups to every location in Turkey.
Operational Transport
Our Innovation

As long as we first see our principle of trust instilled and flourished, we know we exist. We use our resources and human Factor services efficiently and are open to different voices and ideas. Being inspired, constantly developing gives us pleasure above all else. We share our knowledge, drive out ideas that will refresh us, and bring them to life.

Our Customers

We see the needs of our customers as our own needs and the success as our own success. By adding value at every stage of our cooperation with them; our expertise, speed and high-quality product range, Stock areas, we strive to make them say “glad that you exist”

Our Trust

In all circumstances, trust comes first to us. It gives our colleagues, customers and every individual in our ecosystem a sense of value, and in doing so we do not abandon our ethical, fair, transparent approach and open communication.

WE STORE YOUR VALUES All the products we store are protected at the highest level and by keeping under surveillance.