Our Company

Ekin Nakliyat A.Ş was founded in 2000 as a sub company for EkinAta.

Today, it serves its customers with its professional infrastructure, contract vehicle park and expert staff.

Ekin Nakliyat provides cost-based, economical solutions to its customers with the right and appropriate transportation choices by serving with an understanding “open to all kinds of users”

Ekin Nakliyat, serves in Izmir, Bandırma, Tekirdağ, Mersin, Derince, Hereke with logistics terminals in the regions of the port and back of the port with integrated production activities by including companies in the complete solution process, continues its activities.

Through logistics centers located throughout Turkey; port evacuation, decommissioning, storage, handling and road transport services as a whole by offering, not shipper bbut the complete maid understanding continues its activities.

With its transport fleet and machinery park, all factories and integrated facilities throughout Turkey, we can provide 24-hour uninterrupted service


Offering the logistics services with the complete solution and supply chain management integrity; creating the solution strategies and applications focused on the customer needs, carrying-out the domestic and international air, land, sea and rail transport, bonded, duty-free storage and customs clearance services at the highest standards and with the creative solutions that will set precedents; realizing our forward-looking corporate goals with an understanding that will contribute to the general interests of the sector and affirm the sector and carrying the Turkish logistics industry forward at national and international levels …


Using its experience and knowledge in such a way to increase the service quality and efficiency to be received by the customer; increasing the competitiveness of its customers locally and globally; providing the holistic service on the basis of supply chain management and having the leadership skills and attitudes …

Fields of Activity

  • Complete international and domestic transport services
  • Container handling services
  • Empty container from port for agents
  • Empty-filled container for exporters/importers
  • Transfer and Container terminal Services in our terminal
  • Transport of freezing vegetable oil with insulated vehicles
  • Container handling by dump vehicles
  • Project load transports
  • Transformer Transportation
  • Operational freight transport
  • Machinery and equipment transportation
  • Transport of waste heat power plants
  • Transportation of wind power plants
  • Transportation of cement mill Mills and boilers
  • Combined transports
  • Supplier-factory transport services
  • Dry freight transport services from ports
  • Packaged products and raw material transportation services